Inman Innovations is dedicated to improving communication skills for individuals with severe expressive speech and language disabilities.

Nancy Inman, M.A.T., CCC-SLP formed Inman Innovations in 2000. Nancy is now in private practice working with children and adults with complex communication needs. Nancy formerly served as the program manager for the Department of Assistive Technology at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

Inman Innovations

WordPower for TouchChat
- a full featured communication App for iPod, iPad and iPhone techology.

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WordPower exploration video.

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Inman InnovationsThe Flip ’n Talk is a manual augmentative communication system consisting of a main “core vocabulary board” of high frequency words and/or phrases, and an affixed spiral bound flip chart of semantic categories. Vocabulary symbols are placed on both sides of the strips, giving the user access to 30 categories of symbol strips.

Boardmaker software makes the system easy to generate and customize. The Flip ’n Talk serves as a way for individuals to augment their expressive speech and language skills. And by using “Naturally Aided Language Stimulation” strategies to model language with this system, the Flip ’n Talk can serve as a model for complete sentence generation by the communication partner.

What is WordPower?

WordPower and Picture WordPower are unique vocabulary designs for augmentative communicators. The vocabularies have expanded over time and now offer in-depth and comprehensive options for a wide range of ability levels. The programs are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. WordPower is word-based in nature, allowing generation of novel information with minimal keystrokes. Versions have been designed for direct selectors and scanners. Computer access and environmental control commands are included.

WordPower combines the features of core vocabulary, spelling and word prediction. The system takes advantage of the fact that a core of just 100 words accounts for approximately 50 percent of words spoken. The core words of WordPower are categorized, color-coded and alphabetized for easy access. WordPower uses these 100+ words in conjunction with spelling and word prediction.

Picture WordPower is also a word-based, generative vocabulary for individuals needing picture support and/or larger cells for access. Picture WordPower consists of single-hit words, category-based words, and spelling with word prediction. Picture WordPower also now includes a Phrases and Categories version - a generative vocabulary option for individuals not able to use a strictly word-based system.

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